Distinctively Crafted North American Jewelry

Established in 1999, Sarah Designs Jewelry® is recognized for its uniquely modern and sophisticated jewelry in startling vibrant colors and a wide array of exquisite gemstones. Enclosed with rare fossils, meteorites, druzies and gemstones, each piece is assembled in sterling silver, platinum, rhodium, 14kt yellow and rose gold settings; the result is simplistic beauty with a touch of freeform modern lifestyle.

1999-2005: My Initial experimentation began, which involved being inspired my own family background and starting my business at an early age and selling my handmade line of jewelry at local artisan alley fairs over at Whistler, Nature park, community centers and farmer's market; thus Sarah Designs Jewelry was born.

2005-2016: Decided to some travelling to USA and met my future husband and we travelled to Italy to visit his family and created some of our exclusive pieces. Headed back to Vancouver after a short halt and went back to my Kiosk business. Still going strong at my passion and decided to take it online as well. Ended up being a mom of 3 absolutely adorable kids and now moving on to the next phase of my life.

2017-2019: Wanted to take my jewelry back on the road again as I missed my travelling days and direct connection with my customers. Decided to go back at the Crafter's fairs and Tradeshows.

Starting 2020, after the Pandemic year which affected all our daily livelihood adversely; most to all my gemstones are going to be sourced out of Canada and USA exclusively, designed and sketched in Vancouver and will be crafted in Richmond BC, so I can have my shop running, hire my staff full time and distribute the work among the Tri-Cities. Working with production partners within BC will also help me cut the cost down, run my business more efficiently and pass on the savings to my customers.

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